Complete 1-99 RuneScape Summoning Guide

An in-depth guide to getting yourself 99 Summoning in Runescape; including costs and charms collecting.

 Want to know how to get that Level 230 Steel Titan on your side? Well this is the guide for you!
Summoning is a members only skill which allows you to “summon” spirit companions from Wolves to Titans. You will end up losing a fair amount of money in this guide. I will also outline a secondary, cheaper option however the time required is basically unrealistic. In addition to this, there are ways to accquire much more experience in a shorter amount of time but they are extremely expensive.
The Basics
Summoning Requires a number of things in order for you to start:
- Wolf Whistle Quest completed
- Spirit Shards (Can be bought for 25gp each from Pikkupstix)
- Pouches (Bought from Pikkupstix)
- Charms
- Secondary Items (Will go into more detail)
Obtaining Charms:
Gold – Fire Giants (Level 86) are the way to go. However, if these are too high level then Ice Giants (Level 53) will work as well.
Green – Don’t even bother; they give horrid xp amounts, unless just to use them up.
Chrimson – I would recommend killing Cockroach Soldiers to collect these, although greater demons will work as well.
Blue – Do give some xp, but secondary items are crazy expensive. Do not use for training unless simply to use them up.
Secondary Items:
- These are items specific to the type of pouch you are making. Eg. A Spirit Wolf needs Wolf Bones. A Steel Titan needs a Steel Platebody.
- For the best experience amounts per hour you will want to buy these however some of the ones we are going to be using are easily attainable. Others you will want to get yourself because they are insanely expensive.
As a note the numbers are approximate for convenience (Its easier to remember 900 than 894)
That was Easy! (Level 1 – Level 4)
- Finish Wolf Whistle
- You will now have 275 Gold Charms and be Level 4 Summoning
Tastes Like Chicken! (Level 4 – Level 10)
For this first part you will need:
- 100 Blank Pouches
- 100 of your free Gold Charms
- 100 Raw Chickens (These are easy to obtain however are not that expensive anyway.)
- Spirit Shards (800 Costing 20k)
Using your method of choice (The simplest being banking in Falador and running to Pikkupstix’s shop), make all of these into Spirit Dreadfowl pouches. Turning them into scrolls nets very little experience as does summoning them, so feel free to sell them if you can.
Eek! A Spider! (Level 10 - Level 16)
- 130 Blank Pouches
- 130 Gold Charms
- 130 Spider Carcasses (Costing around 180K)
- Spirit Shards (1040 Costing 26k)
Make Spirit Spider Pouches until you run out of carcasses. This may seem expensive, but to compensate for it you can use the scrolls to spawn Red Spiders eggs which sell for about 350 gp each. Or you can try selling the pouch for 750 gp each.
Cra* Crabs… (Level 16 - Level 31)
What you need:
- 560 Blank Pouches
- 560 Gold Charms (Time to start gathering)
- 560 Iron Ore (Feel free to mine this for the xp and to cut down on costs)
- Spirit Shards (3920 Costing 98K)
While the iron ore is easy to gather, the gold charms are not so much. The Fire Giants are often crowded and the Ice Giants can be as well. Keep working at it though because that is what it takes to reach 99 summoning.
Vampire Bites (Level 31 – Level 46)
Items you will have to have:
- 400 Blank Pouches
- 400 Chrimson Charms
- 400 Vampire Dust
- Spirit Shards (32400 Costing 810K)

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    Many thanks for the guide, I’ve used it :D !

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    Ok “person”, so you will lose millions, I write that in the guide. The only other reasonable way is with gold charms, like I say in the guide. However, do you want to lose millions getting there or would you rather spend YEARS collecting 50000 gold charms to get from 46 to 83? That is the question, and it is mentioned in the guide. That’s only to skip the stranger plants. If you are planning on skipping Daganoths it will take another 450,000 gold charms, FYI.

    Thanks for commenting but in the time required to collect the gold charms, you could easily make back the lost money.

    And thanks to everyone else for reading!
    Please check out my other guides called:
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    i would say slayer is the best way to obtain charms, waterfiends also give you crazy amounts of crimsons (not chrimsons) and greens are defiantly worth it.

    Also hellhounds are one of the best for gold lol try mentioning that as well somewhere

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    Waterfiends>>> cockroach soldiers and their drops are better
    You didn\’t even MENTION rock lobsters
    Who the hell in their right mind would use Spirit dagganoths to get 83? This is a stupid guide, go to runescape community if you want a legit one.

  13. Posted September 1, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    @Don’t worry
    Waterfiends are “a grind for slayers until very high levels are reached” (The Runescape Wiki). This guide was written for mid-level players, at which it is impossible to do decently at waterfiends. Rock Lobsters are the same thing. The Spirit Dagganoths, your right; times have changes.
    Also, I am curious as to what makes a guide “legit”. Does this guide not actually exist? Or did you use the word because it makes you sound cooler. Just Curious.
    @Seth and Hamish
    Yeah, I kinda missed the hellhounds while I was writing it. Thanks for pointing that and “Chrimson” out.

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    how do u average 200 crimson charms per load?
    i average like 40 and im lvl 111

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    @money car

    At the bottom of the page you will have to click next page.

    @ ?

    I was being super optimistic. I wasn’t quite sure what others were getting so I went for 200. The 200 isn’t syaing you will get that many, but rather, if you do get 200, this is how much you will make. If you get fewer than 200, you will make even more moeny back.

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    i farmed the spiders took me 5 trips to get to 16 very easy. saved around 100k

    im a big fan of this guide and i will follow it to the end :P fantastic job

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    super good way 2 get 99 summoning
    me and my best friend did 48 hours straight of charms that should do the trick for ya and now im 1 step closer 2 being the ultimate pker it only costed my 32m too super cheap compared 2 my armour and wep going bac 2 my comment on 48 i had chaotic raiper is it takes u long dont feel bad im just b.a. with dat sword thx again bro add me in rs my username is kingneitz

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    Not a great guide.

    Waterfiends black demons and greater demons would be the way to go for chrims tbh roach soliders will take you agesss.
    Blue charms are a must when trainin and arnt as expensive when u sell the pouches back.
    And you waste alot of chrimson charms early on, I never used a crim charm till lvl 56 :P .

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