Complete Summoning 1-99 Guide

So you want to embark on the Great Crusade don’t you? Good luck.


Before you start this guide, I’d like to say a few things. First of all, summoning is a hard, but fun skill. It is very similar to Construction in that it’s not the hardest thing to level up, however it is very expensive. Summoning (and after that, prayer) is the major skill you need to focus your experience lamps on due to the fact that it costs so much per level whereas woodcutting or mining just simply take time and effort, and don’t necessarily have the heavy money for experience trade off. Second of all, don’t expect this guide to cut all of the work completely out of the skill. No skill 99 can be obtained without pure, hard, authentic hustle. Third of all, have fun! Runescape was made to be enjoyable and for you to burn off your steam. Whenever you are angry, get out there and grind out an hour or two training summoning to get the raw fury out of your system!

Skill Preface

Summoning takes shards, charms, pouches, and a secondary ingredient. The other thing I like to say comes along with the trials of summoning is Hustle, because it takes quite a bit of cash to keep the skill running. Experts estimate it taking 200 mill if not more. I suggest to you that Summoning IS worth what you pay for, those extra item slots and some of those scroll Specials make the skill in and of itself able to change your game of Runescape.


ALWAYS use your charms in this order (least rare to most rare): Gold, Green, Crimson, Blue. That is going to most likely be the order of amt. in your bank from greatest to least and that will give you flexibility for when you get to the higher level training and want to boost it with better charms.

Here is the route that some suggest:


16-52 Granite Crabs

52-66 Spirit Terror-birds

66-99 Barker Toads


33-41 Beaver

41-47 Macaw

47-56 Magpie

56-69 Ibis

69-80 Fruit Bats

80-88 Hydra

88-99 Unicorn Stallions


46-49 Pyre Lords

49-64 Bloated Leaches

64-74 Stranger Plants

74-83 Granite Lobsters

83-85 Spirit Dagganoths

85-95 Swamp Titans

95-99 Iron Titan


57-89 Spirit Graahks

89-99 Geyser Titan

That is the suggested route. Here is my suggestion:

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    good guide. give me your phone-number and we can do “it” later. ;)

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