Donte’s Runescape Adventure in the Wilderness: Revenants Vs. Donte

My quest to finish my clue scroll.

I was killing dragons when i got a clue scroll. I followed its instructions until it said i had to go to level 46 wilderness. I had to go to the alter near the ice area in deep wilderness.

I called my friend triple and he agreed to come with me. We both left with only 3 pieces of armour(so if we die we won’t lose anything but the clue scroll) and we both had full inventories of tuna but i had a spade clue scroll and stuff you need to track the degrees. So we were off.

We crossed the wilderness border and everything was going smooth until about level 20 wilderness. A revenant cyclops appeared so we ran and  used an obelisk. We arrived at the alter with a good amount of food to spare. Then a revenant goblin appeared. triple lost a bit of food but he killed it and got some rune plate legs. We were in front of our goal of digging up the clue scroll but triple thought he was so strong because he killed the goblin so he suggested to go try and kill the chaos elemental which is level 305 and has the magic abilities to take off your armour off. So i decided to go for it seeing as i kind of owed him for all the tuna. 

So we went to try and fight the chaos elemental and we lost all our food but we ran at the last second. That’s right we got owned. We were hiding behind a wall(and hoping another revenant wouldn’t attack us) waiting for our health to regenerate. That’s when we got the idea to try and run to the mage arena to bank and get more of his massive amount of tuna.

We went for it and we were attacked by a revenant orc. We got to the switch that brings you to the arena and we had sharp weapons to get through the spider webs. Then i was struck with the almighty teleblock. With an interesting twist i couldn’t use the switch that teleports you to the safety of the mage arena where the bank was.  So i was trapped in that little box with a spider web in the way with a revenant orc! I was getting owned and was taking massive damage. He was doing many 20’s and i had about 5 health left when at the last moment the teleblock was gone and lucky that i was still trying to teleport or i would have died. I teleport as and triple yelled survivor! We got our health up and got all our food but the mission wasn’t over yet. I still had my clue scroll.

We were off again and were on our way to the alter when the same revenant orc that almost killed me came back and attacked. We ran to the alter and on the way a revenant goblin appeared and was blasting us to. By the time we got to the alter, we were almost out of food. We ran into the alter and closed the door so they couldn’t attack us. We were trapped!

There we were. In an alter with two revenants outside. We were standing there for a while and i already digged up my clue scroll and the zammorak mage was waiting for me. So i ran for it and we both got killed.

I know its not a happy ending but i hope you enjoyed it.

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