Easy Guide to Flipping Items on RuneScape

This is a little tutorial to flipping items on the Grand Exchange.

Ok, first off this is my first article/guide for helping players on runescape and i will try and keep it as simple as possible. So please feel free to give any good critical feed back on where I can make more guides suitable for you!

Before we start I just need to clear up a few things that concern first time flippers, the first thing is you shouldn’t be concerned about the amount of money needed to start flipping items. It is possible to do this with just 1k. (Although it will take a while to earn large amounts of profit from just 1k) but profits profit , it all adds up in the end!

I recommend to start out with atleast 100k to play about with and of course to buy larger quantitys of items to bring in more profit. 

The other thing is , dont worry yourself about what item is best or what item is most profitable to flip or ask other players what items they are flipping, because odds are they wont tell you. Its best to find out good workable items by yourself and i will explain how later on in the guide.

And last but not least, out of all the people that does this and says they have not lost money from flipping items are lieing. LOSING MONEY IS GOING TO HAPPEN, its just part of the ride! but what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right ?

Now down to business, I will start off with a few simple items you cannot go wrong with to help you get a feel for flipping, (the items I started out with when I joined the glorious world of flipping).

All runes and most fish are really good items to flip , on Free To Play awell as Pay To Play

For eg : Nature Runes, Law Runes, Blood Runes, Chaos Runes, Tuna, Lobster, Swordfish, Monkfish.

These items work really well because they are “High Demand” items , which means players buy and trade billions of them everyday. Reasons being Quests, Skilling, PvP etc.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for,  HOW TO FLIP ITEMS!

Go to the Grand Exchange with the recommended 100k go into “buy” and search for any of the above items listed, I will use Nature Runes for this example.

Buy ONE Nature Rune for 10% above the medium price (click the +5% button twice) and buy it. You will see it buys straight away and you will get change back from your purchase. Look at the price the rune bought for and note it down, this will be your selling price for eg : selling price = 130gp. Now sell that Rune for below 10% of the medium price (click the -5% twice) and note down the price it sold for and that will be your buying price for eg : buying price = 129gp. 

Now buy as much Nature Runes as you can for 129gp and wait , although you are only getting 1gp profit per rune this gets made up for by how fast these runes buy and sell. Potentially you can make 25k profit       every 2 – 5 mins. When they have all bought sell them all for 130gp. (watch out for them not buying , in this case the price has changed. But dont worry! just cancel your order and redo the step above, buy for 10% over medium price etc etc.) 

This is the same principle for ALL items 

Congratulations! You are now an Item Flipper and on your first step to making millions!

Here is a link to the Grand Exchange charts , this is how i find all my items to flip. Just seach any key words like Amulet, Helm, Plate, Barrows, Runes, Potions etc , to get a whole list on items that are elagible for flipping. http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/frontpage.ws   

(the green highlighted number beside the item is good and worth a try flipping, the red highlighted number beside an item is bad and odds are if you try to flip it, you will lose cash!) 

Well thank you for taking time to read this Guide , I had alot of fun writing it and hopefully it helps you out in the long run. 

If you want to hook me up for any reason watsoever in game just add xQuinn_Ftw and i will be happy to help you in anyway i can :) !

And Remeber this slogan for when your not sure about an item. When In Doubt, Pull Out ! ; )

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  1. 1kingonyx
    Posted September 18, 2011 at 8:28 am

    This dude rocks, i made 1m over night with just 3m! I chat with this dude in rs and he gave me some quick tips, and im on my way to buying zammy sets, i have enough to buy one, but i want to buy 3 and still have like 3m left over lol. This dude is a hero!!!!!!

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