Even More Helpful Things to Know About RuneScape

And what I said last time and the time before that.

  1. Indubitably(real word), a lot of free gear can be acquired from quests and although most of it isn’t very good, it is free and maybe you don’t need the best gear.
  2. Grand Exchange prices, if you know these it can work really well on how much gold you have because you know what and when to sell.
  3. Luck plays a big part in Runescape. Runescape doesn’t have a luck thing programmed in but make sure your having a good day and everything is going right before attempting something big.
  4. Move away from crowded training spots, go to another area with that same monster, even switch worlds if you have to. People and the game will thank you.
  5. Have something ready to pass time if training on monsters that take a while to kill or are resting.
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