(F2P) 10 Things to Do in RuneScape When Bored

A list of fun things to do in Runescape when bored.

Things to do in Runescape

                 A list of things to do when your bored in Runescape

  1. Go through your bank account at the GE and sell anything you don’t need or want, Always good to clean it out when your bored and not when your in a hurry.
  2. Go raise some skills that youve never bothered to touch, such as crafting or runecrafting. These may be useful later on in the game.
  3. Find a way to become a member? I’m sure theres some way. Ask a parent or find a way online.
  4. Go on a walk, just find someone and follow them around if you want.
  5. Make a dance video for youtube, maybe get a few thousand veiws. Im sure alot of people want to see you dancing around Runescape.
  6. Find a place to sit either alone, or you can find other people to sit with a talk to.
  7. Go to lumbridge and visit your low level friends. Maybe they need some help or money.
  8. Go dungeoning and have fun with it, there isnt any chance of losing anything anyway.
  9. Go to the GE in world 1 and yell about selling random stuff, see how annoyed people get when you charge them 20k for 1 arrow.
  10. And finally just annoy people anywhere and see how angry they will get, dont swear at them or anything, just do and say stuff that is inside the games rules.

                                              I hope these help you stop getting bored all the time like me!

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  1. Posted December 23, 2010 at 12:01 am

    LOL! Nice.. I really like number 5,7,9, and 10.. Nice work man! Keep up the work :D I know that ur only doing this so u can raise money to become a member ur self.. :)

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