F2P RuneScape Runecrafting Leveling Guide

This guide will show you a fast way on how to get to level 99 runecrafting on runescape.

1-14: Air runes

Requirements: Rune essence, air talismand or air tiara

To start:

Go to west side bank in varrock. Take out your air talismand or air tiara. Then take out your essence. Now head to the air alter located a little southwest of the bank.

Keep doing this till you hit level 14 runecrafting.

14-52: Fire runes

Requirements: Essence, fire tiara or fire talisman

To start:

Head to Al Kharid bank. Next withdraw the essence, fire tiara or fire talismand and head to the fire alter. This alter is located north-east of the bank next to duel arena on that border.

Keep doing until you get to level 52 runecrafting.

52-99: Earth runes

Requirements: essence, earth tiara or earth talisman, and earth crafting gloves(optional)

To start:

Head to east bank in varrock. Take out the essence, the talisman or tiara, and the earth crafting gloves(optional). Head to the earth alter. The alter is north east of the bank:

Now do this method till you get to level 99 runecrafting. The earth crafting gloves give you more xp per essence crafted. I suggest becoming a member it is much easier and faster to level any level.

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