F2P Runespan Guide – 50k-70k xp/hr

Runecrafting – possibly the toughest skill to train. It has become easier since release of Runespan. Here is how to get 99 Runecrafting the new way.

Runecrafting, even the fastest possible methods in f2p, requires patience. The skill is traditionally trained by people making runes such as Earth, Air, Fire, Body etc. and yielded 12k xp/hr at a maximum. Although since the release of Runespan, anyone above level 60 Runecrafting can gain 50k-70k/hr, depending on your level. Anyone below 60 can still get 20k-40k/hr, again depending on your level.

To introduce Runespan, it’s a whole new realm of Runecrafting. It has completely changed xp rates for Runecrafting in F2P and P2P. There is 3 levels: Lower, Middle, Upper. Each level has nodes and esslings/esshounds. A node is used to siphon to get xp from. To siphon a node, you need rune essence. You get rune essence by either clicking on the Floating Essence, which gives brings you to 25 essence, i.e. if I have 9 essence and click on it, I will now have a total of 25 essence. Though the recommended way is to siphon esslings/esshounds. These are creatures, each of a different rune type. Each essling/esshound, when siphoned, gives a random amount of essence from 50-150 after it’s broken. The lower rune type esslings/esshounds are easier to break but provide same amount of essence on random. The best is Body esshound in F2P, and it obviously gives body runes and a random amount of essence after it’s broken. Also the better the esshound/essling, the more xp it gives. Body esshounds give most xp for siphoning in f2p because they are the best F2P rune type. Now you have nodes. You balance your training by siphoning esslings and nodes, but nodes increase xp/hr. F2P nodes start off from cyclone and go up to Fire Storm. Each node requires a certain Runecrafting level, the Fire storm, level wise, is the best node that can be siphoned at level 27. However, xp-wise, Fleshy growth is the best node that can be siphoned in F2P at level 20.

Firstly, start out by going to the second floor of Wizard’s Tower in Draynor. Near the GOP portal there, get Wizard Finix to teleport you to Runespan. Once arrived at Runespan, if you are level 50 Runecrafting or above, proceed to the middle level of Runespan, if you are below level 50, stay on the first floor. The upper level is P2P only. So now, to maximise xp/hr, you should pick an island and stay there. There is multiple islands on each floor, and you can travel from one island to another by using platforms. But it’s best to pick one island on the level of Runespan you’re on so you don’t waste time travelling from island to island to find nodes. So stick to one island, and just siphon nodes/esslings/esshounds there. In order to keep a good xp rate coming, make sure you are siphoning the best possible nodes possible for your Runecrafting level. Here is data on each level and the nodes/esslings/esshounds/platforms available on each for F2P:

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