Fast Gp on RuneScape

How to get fast gp on runescape. Member and non member guide.

My name is Gfunk41. I have been playing runescape on and off for about five years. It is the best game i have ever played. I have been trying to find ways to get fast gp for awhile and a lot of it too, but i could not find any sites to help. Then i found a way and i have decided to make a article to show how to achieve fast gp and a lot of it too on runescape. So to begin here is a non member section.

Non member:

Mine rune essences

There are many ways to get fast gp. The easiest way i found to get fast gp is to mine rune essences. If you mine them then store them in bank it will be easy to get a lot of rune essences. then when you achieve the amount you want keep the essences in the bank then withdraw at G.E. then sell for a lot of gp. If you mine for awhile you can get to pure rune essences which is worth a lot of gp. One thing i should say is in order to get to rune mine you must go to rune store and ask rune salesman to teleport you. Here is a map of the easiest place to mine, bank, and sell rune essences. 

Varrock Map

Blue = routes

Red = places


Woodcutting is another way i found to get fast gp on runescape. But you have to get wood cutting to the level required to cut yews. a full inventory of yews sells for about 12k. And for Non members the best yew wood cutting spots are right by the G.E. To wood cut all you need is a axe. then you just click on the tree and you will begin to cut. but don’t keep your eyes off the computer because guys will just pop up and try to kill you, reward you, or train you. Here is a map of were i recommend non members to cut Yews.

Blue= routes

Red= places


Fishing is very complicated. to begin you will need a small net and some bait. Then you should look at your map and and find a fish mark near water. Then go to the fish mark. When you get to the fish mark click bait fish or net fish and your player will begin to fish. He will find many things like boots sea weed but mostly level one fish. The higher you get your level the more you will catch and the more equipment you will be able to use. Lobsters are easy to catch and you need a lobster cage to catch them. Once you get your level high enough to use a harpoon you will be able to get a lot of coins and will be able to catch Tuna, Swordfish, and Sharks. By the way there is a fishing guild.I could not obtain a map of it so just look up Fishing Guild in your map search.

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