Fast Range 1-99 Non-members and Members

A nice little guide I made for all of you out there.

Level 1-5 Chickens, 5-20 Cows, both in lumbridge, apparrently this part got deleted when i tried to post it sorry.

*** Training Tip *** You should try and have the next best bow available for use right away as sometimes they take awhile to sell in the GE

This is where it gets different for members and non members, if your a member proceed to part 2, other wise read on.

Part 1 (Non- Members) Levels 20-40: Go and equip a willow shortbow. Proceed to the barbarian village and head into the longhall, once there use the tables as a block and range over them at the barbarians. It will take around 585 Barbarians to get too level 40. But before that at level 30 switch to a maple shortbow.

*** Training Tip *** Always try and have the best range gear possible. Vambraces and leggings and a coif, anything you like really, if you have the levels.

Levels 40-60: Use green Dragon Hide and a Maple Shortbow. Head over to the hill giants west of varrock in a small hut, you will need a brass key to enter. Inside you will find hill giants with safe spots, it can get quite busy so you may need to hop worlds a bit. You will need 1690 Hill giants to get level 60. Note these drop big bones which you can bank and sell but it will take longer.

Levels 60-70: Use the same gear and go range moss giants, you will need 2,000 for level 70, there are some in the Varrock Sewers.

Levels 70-99: Go to Karamja Volcano and start getting Lesser Demons, there are 3 decent ranging spots, you will need to kill 40,000 before you can claim the coveted title of Master of Ranged, good luck too you all.

Part 2 (Members):

20-60: Rock Crabs are your best friends here it is located in Rellekka above the seers village, bring some basic food with you, you will need 1347 rock crabs to level to 60, use the best gear (Snakeskin) and bow available (Maple) at level 30. At levels 40 and 50 switch to Green D hide and Blue D hide respectively.

*** Training Tip *** As a member you have the option too use one of the best training methods out there that is the Dwarven Cannon, however setting up in populated areas will not make you friends and people will resent you, please show courtesy when using these.

6-70: Kill fire Giants Using magic shortbow or iron/steel knives, as these attack the fastest for the most exp. Head to the cave from The Waterfall Quest and proceed to the room with 3 fire giants in it, this room has the best ranging spots.

*** Training Tip *** Beware of arrow thieves they are obnoxious and will annoy you if someone persists in doing it leave.

70-99: Now your playing with the big boys equip alot of red chinchomps black d hide armour or better if you can afford it and bring about 20+ Prayer potions. You will need monkey madness for this. Head to Ape Atol and go down the bamboo ladder before the city, too the cave with all the monkey zombies. Follow the tunnel until you find level 140 Skeletons put on protect from Mellie and wait for them to swarm you, make sure auto retaliate is on and drink a prayer when needed. Using this you can get up to 250k Exp in an hour that means level 99 range in just 50 hours of playing.

Well best of luck to you all,

This is another guide brought to you by Villescrubs.

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