Fastest 1-99 Hunter Guide

Fastest 1-99 Hunter guide.

1-19: Crimson Swifts in feldip hills

19-33: Tropical wagtails in feldip hills

33-43: Barbed tailed kebbits in feldip hills

43-53: Go to falconry and catch spotted kebbits

53-57: Catch Chinchompas in the area near the falconry

57-63: Catch dark kebbits in the falconry

59-99: Red salamanders near castle wars

63-99: Red Chinchompas

Hope you enjoyed my easy and fast guide

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Many people are quitting Runescape these days saying it is a bad game and is not worth playing. I’m going to show 10 reasons why you should not quit Runescape.

1.Constant updates bring new quests into the game. This is a treat for experts who have done all the quests and like doing new ones. Also for beginners there is a huge amount of quests of epic and interesting quests to be done. There is Currently 287 Quest Points in the game which is a lot of quests!

2.New Graphics. With the new updates the graphics for members and f2p players have considerably got better. They are no longer blobs like they were in Runescape classic. Now HD full-screen is available making Runescape much better to play…

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