Fastest 1-99 Thieving Guide

Fastest 1-99 Thieving guide.

First off, always weild a bow with no arrows so you do not attack your target. Second of all always try having minimum weight, so wear no armor and wear spottier cape boots of lightness. Third off all always wear gloves of silence because they are cheap and will make training a lot faster!

1-15: pickpocket men

15-30: Steal from the cake stall

30-37: complete the quest called the fued which will give you enough experiance to level 37

37-38: Steal from the Fur stall and cake stall

38-45(53): Pickpocket master farmers. You can do this till 53 if you are only training for desert treasure.

45-55: Lure out and knock out bearded polnivnian bandits

55-99: Pickpocket knights of ardougne (will eanr you about 20 mill if you do it till 99)

55-65:Blackjack non-bearded pollnivian guards.

65-99: Lure and knockout menaphite thugs.

91-99: Play the minigame pyramid plunder

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Many people are quitting Runescape these days saying it is a bad game and is not worth playing. I’m going to show 10 reasons why you should not quit Runescape.

1.Constant updates bring new quests into the game. This is a treat for experts who have done all the quests and like doing new ones. Also for beginners there is a huge amount of quests of epic and interesting quests to be done. There is Currently 287 Quest Points in the game which is a lot of quests!

2.New Graphics. With the new updates the graphics for members and f2p players have considerably got better. They are no longer blobs like they were in Runescape classic. Now HD full-screen is available making Runescape much better to play…

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    not that much good i prefer this as 0K guide

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    Luring and K.O”ing? Never saw even one guide wich says this

  9. David
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    Luring and K.O\”ing? Never saw even one guide wich says this

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    By the bearded poeple, lvl 45-55 or something, buy limes from the general store, they\’re 2 buck and heal 20 life, being the cheapest food there, also giving the most life points there.

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