Fastest Way to 99 Fletching

The best fletching experience in the game of runescape.

 Okay. As usual I will asume that by the time you are looking at this guide, your fletching level is at least 50. (If not, get to making those steel arrows). 

 Levels 50-70

 The fastest experience at this level is to make willow long bows. This will give you a lot of great, fast experience and you won’t lose much money considering that they will sell for about 11 gp (unstrung).

Levels 70-99

 YEW LONG BOWS. This is arguably the fastest fletching experience in the game and will have you to 99 in no time. Remember though: ALWAYS STRING THE YEW BOWS. This will add to the fletching experience already rolling in and make you a pretty good profit as well, especially if you cut your own yew logs. ( From level 70 to 99 you will need to make exactly 81979 strung yew long bows ). 

Optional: Levels 85+

 When you reach level 85 fletching, you could move from making yew long bows to making mage long bows. This supposedly the fastest experience in the fletching skill, but yew bows will do the job just as well if you ask me. It is up to you.

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