Fastest Way to 99 Hunter

Here is the fastest way to get 99 hunter on Runescape.

 As usual, I will assume that your hunter level is at least 50. If not, go catch some swamp lizards until you are!

 Levels 50-60

 Head to the desert to catch Orange Salamanders. BRING WATERSKINS! You will need a rope, small fishing net, and a knife. When your waterskins start to run out, use your knife on the cactus around you. If you catch and release the salamanders, you will gain faster experience and no money. 

Levels 60-75

 Red Salamanders. Bring 3 small fishing nets and 3 ropes. Wearing camo is recommended and will increase your catch rate. As before, release the salamanders for faster experience. The main goal here is to get to 75 hunter anyways so you can move on to the next prey.

Levels 75-99

 Now it is time to reel in the experience with Red Chinchompas. You need to have at least 5 box traps to ensure that you catch them at a reasonable rate. It is also recommended that you wear Spined Larupia hat, top, and legs. Continue to hunt these chinchompas until you are level 99. Good Luck and NEVER GIVE UP!

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