Fastest Way to 99 Mining

Follow these steps to be mining with the best of them.

 Okay. Here is a guide on how to get 99 mining. Currently my character has 80 mining. Even though I am a long way from the top, the hard work I have put into my mining skill has taught me a lesson about what does and doesnt work.

 This guide will show you the fastest way to get to 99 mining. (This will cover both members and non members).

Levels 1-25

F2P: The first few levels are tough. I reccommend always using the highest level pick axe you can. For levels 1-25 there is not much you can do besides powermine copper and tin. Powermining is the process of mining a full inventory and then dropping every ore. This is very tedious, but will allow you to level faster by cutting out trips to the bank. Powermine until level 25.

P2P: Same as F2P. There is not much else you can do.

Levels 25-41

F2P: You should now have a mith pik. This should allow you to be mining iron ores pretty quickly. Powermine iron ores until level 41 (taking a break at 31 to get an addy pik). When you reach level 41, you will have the level required to use a rune pik.

P2P: I would stay with the F2P strategy. There is not much else you can do untill you get a rune pik.

Levels 41-60

F2P: You should now be easily mining iron, mostly on the first hit. The fastest way for a free member to gain mining experience is to keep powermining iron ore all the way to 99. This is no easy feat, but the reward will far outweigh the work. If you focus, i have found that you can get about 28-30k exp. per hour.

P2P: Here as a member you will begin to have a few options: You can continue to powermine iron as a non member, or you might think about moving on to powermining granite. Powermining Granite is easily the fastest mining experience in the game. If you focus extremely hard, you can easily gain 55k exp. per hour.

Levels 60-99

F2P: You now have access to the Mining Guild. This is not the fastest experience in the game for you, but it can be a welcome break from the tedious power mining of iron. Other than that, stay motivated and good luck!

P2P: As mentioned above: The fastest way for a member to gain mining exp. is to powermine granite rocks in Enakhra’s quarry. Just be sure to bring your water!! Good luck and happy mining!

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  1. hunter
    Posted December 23, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Ty! Nice guide, but i might mention that mining in the guild should be only a last resort to make money. Mining coal is not a very practical way to gain exp. until you are around lvl 70 or so.

  2. SmellyFreak
    Posted May 6, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Good but now out of date, if anything thing 45-77 granite then 77-80 living rock caverns coal, and 80-99 living rock caverns gold. Fastest way and you still make loads of money.

  3. whyyouwantmehname
    Posted December 4, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    article in short “mine iron and bank back and forth to 99″ yeah this guide isnt that good ….. and yeah i put bad messages all over gamesoplay ight!

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