Fastest Way to 99 Smithing

Here are some fast ways to level smithing.

 First, I will assume your smithing level is at least 50. If you haven’t already, complete The Knight’s Sword quest.

Method 1: Steel Bars

Buy as many steel bar ores as you possibly can. (The more you invest, the more you will gain after you make all of your bars.) After making these bars you can sell them to gain a nice profit and repeat, or you can make them into sets of full armor. This is very fast exp., but don’t expect to do anything but lose money. *MEMBERS SHOULD ALSO BEGIN TO SMITH THE BARS THEY MAKE INTO CANNON BALLS*

Method 2: Superheating

This is fast exp. because you can buy the ore, smelt the bar, gain exp., and make a profit all without leaving the Grand Exchange. It isn’t recommended that you use this method with anything under mithril bars because the cost of a nature rune is greater than any type of bar below mithril. Another alternative would be to mine all the ores you need and make a ton of cash.

Method 3: Mithril Armor

This is very fast exp., and if you make your own bars, you can come close to breaking even on money.

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