Fun Things to Do in RuneScape

Sometimes get bored when you have played for a while? Maybe you want to try something new and fun? Look no further :P .

Fun things are of many in the game runescape. From hanging out with your mates to defeating the corperal beast. In this article i will tell you some ways to entertain yourself in runescape.

Joining a clan can be a fun way to make new friends and have a load of fun. Most clans will have events every day and they are always fun. If you join a clan with a requirement of 100+, expect a few trips to GWD or the corp beast. Another fun event is a house party. You can always have fun with one of them. Anyone can go to it, and there is usually a combat ring for you to fight it out with your clanmates. A dungeon will also be a nice way to have some fun.

If you would like to join my clan, Rapid Rage, it is 90+ p2p and you can find it on the forums.

An exciting way to enjoy the game is to play the various minigames, such as castle wars or Stealing creation. These are team games so you could bring some friends to make it even more fun! Clan wars is popular for those who love to fight. A popular minigame for low levels is the duel arena. This can be enjoyed by all lvls as the low lvls can train for free with no risks. While the others can fight it out for prizes or compete in a tournament. All minigames are very enjoyable, so try them!

You can also enjoy some of the skills on offer, such as slayer or theiving. Slayer can be enjoyed by fighting monsters and getting the amazing drops. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to grab a clue scroll while u own them. These can be a lot of fun, especially if its a lvl 3 scroll. Some can give up to 150mil in items!! The puzzles you need to solve are fun and if you get stuck you can check out a helpsite for more info. There are riddles, slidy puzzles, co-ordinates to find and many more!

Many ways to enjoy runescape are on offer, these are just some of the many ways to have some fun! Join a clan and you will find your runescape experience suddenly liven up.

Thanks for reading and i hope you have some fun :)

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