Get Paid to be RuneScape Member?

Guide how to get paid if you are Runescape member.

Okay, let’s begin.

First of all you need to be member and you must have fishing level 75. It’s easy to have fishing level 75 if you are using EpicBot. You can find epic bot in my other articles. Then you must go to the Fishing Guild and catch sharks. catch a lot of sharks with using EpicBot. If you want to play a lot then you must use bot at night and when is the day you can play your character. Whatever, you have to catch sharks. After 1 month being member and catching sharks you must sell the sharks. When you get the money keep 50% for you. 50% of all money you can sell to website which is buying Runescape money. You will earn a lot with doing that. If you have 50M then you will get 25$ for that. That’s a lot of money. You can then doing this every month and earn $. Thanks for reading this guide. Hope it was helpful.

If you want the link to sell your gold. There it is.

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