Giving Away RuneScape Account!!!!!! Level 110!!

Hey, so i’m giving away my Rune scape account because I don’t need it anymore.

Hey Everyone,

So around 5 years ago i started playing runescape, and up until last year i loved it. However with the new updates, and less and less things for me to do, i am quitting. Therefore i want to give away my account to someone who needs it, for as a low level Runescape player, leveling up was always the worst. So i wanted someone to have it, that truly has a good reason for why they need it.  

So my account is as the following, 99 strength, 90 attack, 85 def, 99 woodcut, 99 cooking, and 99 fishing. All other stats are 70+. So yeah nothing to worry about there :D . Then in my bank i have around 300 mil worth of pure gold, then i also have possibly another +50 mil worth of items in my bank. So now if you want this account all you need to do is to leave your Email, or runescape name, and tell me why you need this account. Why you truly deserve it over everyone else. I will then go through the comments, and look for the reason i see best. I may not reply immediately because i am going to wait for the comment list to fill out a little before i give it away.


Stay Frosty Gents

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  1. Christian
    Posted December 27, 2011 at 5:29 am

    hi my runescape account name is ShadowzPwned. i am someone who is hard working and i worked for a few months straight just to get 5.2m now i have it..i always wanted to have alot of money and high level account but i cannot get money while leveling up i always give money to people but there is a 25k limit now and i cannot give people stuff when i want to. i tried dropping stuff but they dont show up…:( and i would really appreciate it if i could have your account and i love to do drop party =D my yahoo email is =D thank you

  2. joey.
    Posted December 28, 2011 at 2:26 am

    hi. My name is joe, and you probably have a lot of comments to read, but PLEASE READ THIS, and i’ll keep it short. I stopped playing for a year, and now I login onto my character just for fun, cause it became kinda hard (I’m just lvl 60, and have about 500k, which is not great as your account). But I just talk with people and help them with quests or something. Sometimes I love to go to Drop Parties, and just chat with people. I still try to get more of my levels higher, like crafting and woodcutting.
    But well, with your account I would help a lot of people. I remember when I was like level 30, and someone gave me 10k. I was VERY greatful, and I’d like to pass that to other people.
    I will take VERY good care of your account.

    And, it would be great to walk around in a level +100, helping people and chatting with them. Mybe giving them quest items, or some money. Just make people happy.. Also, I really like runescape. If I won the account, I would be so happy, you would make my year. :D
    Probably when I get bored, or stop playing, I will pass the account to someone that REALLY deserves it.
    well, If you want to give me the account (which I hope happens), send me an email to:

  3. Dylan
    Posted December 29, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Hey, my email is i need this because i need to get 99 herblore or my life will be unfufilled… i could have a friend give me money to my main and i would use yours to make more money and get 99 slayer on that account :)

  4. Always hard
    Posted December 30, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    Hey, my runescape name is Always Hard and as my name says – it was really hard for me to earn something on Rs. Same as you, I don’t got passion to play this game anymore, but I really want to have it and I think this giveaway is amazing opportunity to get that passion to play game as it supposed to be played.

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