Greatest Combinations of Melee Equipments in RuneScape Member

With these equipments, you could stand even against the most powerful monsters in Runescape.

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For those who want to be a great warrior in Runescape, a good armor and weapon is very important to survive against powerful monsters in Runescape. Not only it will protect you from being killed, it will also resembles the warrior strength you have to other players.

There are few options to get the best bonuses for your equipments. Some are cheap options and others are very expensive options that can only be bought by a rich player.

Here are they :

Best but Very Expensive Option :

No Divine Spirit Shield (Image via Runescape Wikia)

Armor : Statius’s Platebody (1,900,000 Coins), Statius Plateleg (1,500,000 Coins)

Helmet : Statius Full Helm (738,000 Coins)

Shield : Divine Spirit Shield (465,000,000 Coins)

Weapon : Vesta’s Longsword (10,800,000 Coins).

Amulet : Amulet of Fury (4,300,000 Coins)

Ring : Berserker Ring(i) (Imbued in Mobilising Armies, the regular Berserker Ring cost : 4,700,000 Coins)

Gloves : Barrow Gloves (Acquired from Culinomancer’s Chest for 100,000 Coins)

Boots : Bandos Boots (1,300,000 Coins)

Total Costs : 489,538,000 Coins (WHAT??)

Level Requirements : 78 Defence and Attack.

Notes : Both Statius and Vesta set will disappear after one hour in combat. After then, you will need to buy a new one which will cost exactly the same as the previous one. This should only be done when you don’t mind losing money after one hour of combat. This option is best used when in PvP world to kill other players and get a reward that might worth the armor that you’re going to lose.

The shield is also extremely expensive and it’s the second most expensive item in Runescape. It’s very rare to spot a player that use this equipment combination. However, by wearing this shield, up to 30% of all incoming damage will be removed (depends on your available prayer points).

Second Best and Expensive Option :

The helmet is not Torag (Image via Runescape Wikia)

Armor : Bandos Chestplate (21,000,000 Coins), Bandos Tassets (18,200,000 Coins).

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