High Level Alchemy Item: Rune Helms

High level alchemy+Rune helms=plenty of profit.

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High alchemy can be a great source of experience in Runescape.  It is regarded as one of the fastest ways to train the magic skill to 99.  If you do it right, you can also make some good profit.  There are many more items available to the subscribing player, but if you’re free to play one of the best items is the rune helm (previously known as the rune med helm).  Although there is a limit of 100 helms bought per every four hour period, you can still buy 600 a day, and alch them for 300-600 gp profit.

Of course, since you’re limited in the Grand Exchange, purchasing helmets from other Runescape players is another option, if you just can’t wait that long. You can also simply supplement your alching with other items that may not make you as much money, but the profits from the helmets will help you balance it out.

If you’re looking for a much more profitable way to get to level 99 magic in Runescape (and smithing at the same time), check out my guide on superheating, here:  http://gameolosophy.com/games/online/runescape/runescape-make-lots-of-money-fast-get-99-smithing-and-magic/

Best of luck on your way to skill completion!

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