How Do You Counter Ezreal? – League of Legends Strategy Guide

Ezreal is an annoying champion, but with these tactics you can turn this explorer into nothing but champ food.

How to Counter Ezreal – Both AP and AD 

You’re at 100 HP, and you thought you JUST made it away from the enemy’s grasp when….

SWOOSH! Dead by Ezreal’s Trueshoot Barrage. Annoying, eh? Well have no fear! With these tips you’ll be able to own Ezreal and his annoying rave light arrows.

How to Counter AD Ezreal

AD Ezreal is annoying because of his Attack Speed passive, and his ability to sustain a high amount of damage. 

  • Get Armor in the beginning of the game (a simple Doran’s Shield will do). This will significantly decrease his damage and prevent him from harassing you.
  • Avoid his Q at all costs (it does a butt-ton of damage in the beginning). It has a very long range so try to dodge sideways instead of simply running back.
  • If running away from Ezreal, Save your Flash for when Ezreal uses his Arcane Shift to teleport to you.
  • Juke, Juke, and Juke. Make the Ezreal waste his Arcane Flash by running in the opposite direction he is teleporting.

How to Counter AP Ezreal

AP Ezreal is the master of burst and semi-sniping. He can do a load of damage at one time, and his consistent use of Mystic Shot allows his Ultimate to be out of cooldown fairly quickly.

  • AP Ezreal is quite strong in the beginning of the game. He will use his Essence Flux frequently to harass. Be careful – the range is much longer than the Essence Flux animation, and it can go through minions.
  • When Ezreal uses his Essence Flux to harass, dodge it and then go after him. He has no attack moves after that.
  • Trueshot Barrage can be a real pain if your moves are too predictable. When running away from an enemy, try to prevent taking predictable paths and running in straight lines. A skilled Ezreal can easily kill a runner.
  • Get Magic Resist early. A Banshee’s Veil shuts down Ezreal very effectively.

How to Counter Ezreal during Laning

A Solo Ezreal is only dangerous if you let him farm. This is why it’s essential that you shut him down early. Anyone tanky AD Burst (Pantheon is a good choice), Harass Mages (Lux), or Long Range DPS (Caitlyn) is a good choice to lane against him.

If you have a jungler, have him gank Ezreal as much as possible. Ezreal is easy prey when he’s underleveled and underfarmed.

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