How to Avoid Being Caught Botting

Jagex has a few ways to tackle bots, which have been found out by people refactoring the official client, and seeing what is sent back. Mouse movements are extremely overrated, but are sent. The way Java works, Jagex can’t monitor EVERY single spot where you move your mouse, allowing fairly human mouse movements to be able to by pass the system. They also count the number of methods in a class, but I’m not sure if they do anything with this. Many of Jagex’s detection processes are not done by the client.

 These include things like:

•Randoms failed
•Time logged in
•How long you spend in 1 place
•Some random consistency checks.
•Previous offenses and linked accounts.
•HTTP Headers
•Account Information

I’m going to go through these 1 by 1, and show you how you can pass the botting filter.

Randoms Failed: I’m sure we all know about this!
More randoms failed = higher ban chance. You’ll even notice that if you ever fail any randoms, you’ll get those randoms more often. That’s why nexus users often get the evil bob random, because it isn’t solved yet.

Time logged in: Hard to get much exact information, but I think the general rule of thumb is 8 hours. Depending on how much you play normally. For example, there are many legit players that almost every day play over 10 hours. People like these are probably filed into a “High playing time” database, and there’s probably different levels for how often you play. Try to keep your total time logged in per day under the 8 hour rule, or even better, try to keep it consistent with how much you’d play normally.

How long you spend in 1 place: This is a big one. Even people who are really dedicated to getting skills up, can’t go 8 hours straight, every day, for a week, just doing the same thing. You need activity breaks, etc. Places that are extremely boring, and overly repetitive (firemaking, etc), try to have more activity breaks, talking to friends, doing quests, etc. Even if you’re only on 2 hours a day, if you only do agility for a year and not leave, it will be suspicious!

Some random consistency checks: Pretty straight forward. If you’ve never cut trees for more than 3 days straight, try to bot like that. Bot like you would play. Figure these out yourself, there’s lots of them!
Here’s a few ones people don’t always think about:

•Music Volume
•Graphics settings.
•Home World

Previous offenses and linked accounts: This is a major one that people don’t seem to ever care about. If you get banned for botting, Jagex can EASILY track all accounts to ever be traced to that IP. Even if you logged into an account once, a year ago, when you were on a different IP, but logged into the account that is now banned for macroing on that IP too, that account is most likely flagged as a possible botter. That includes all IPs that account has logged into, and all IPs and accounts that have been accessed from IPs of that IP! It’s hard to say how deep jagex will continue this web, but it allows for some easy kills with this. Honestly the only way to avoid this is to make a completely brand new account, on a whole new IP, and don’t ever log into any other accounts, etc. This can be a huge setback, and many players aren’t willing to do this. I found out that it sure was worth it! Give Jagex no previous information on my account, and they’re less hasty to ban me for macroing, even if they have a bit of suspicion that I am!

HTTP Headers: Another funny one, that is VERY easy to break. Whenever you visit a page, the last website you were on, your web browser, operating system, IP, screen size, and MANY other things are sent to the server! Just whenever you want to visit RS, open a new tab with no backwards history, and navigate to runescape! Or do what others do, use ONLY the official runescape client!

Account Information: Giving away stats, usernames, etc, can be VERY bad. As robotz in disguise as proven, even giving away 9 stats can be as dangerous as giving away your username! Buying membership from previous credit cards, paypal accounts, etc, that have been used to buy membership for botting accounts can be a hint too! Be careful!

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  1. Jamal Stephenson
    Posted August 24, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Good guide. The thing that caught me at the end though was this:

    “As robotz in disguise as proven, even giving away 9 stats can be as dangerous as giving away your username!”

    How is that dangerous and how could it be used against you?

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