How to Become Well Known in RuneScape

Many new people to the hit free to play online game: Runescape, have had it rough with being new to Runescape. Here’s a few ways that can make you become well known as well as making tons of friends.

  When I started playing runescape, I started just like everyone else: being a ”noob” or “new”. I was referred to this free online game by a friend of mine who was a veteran player of it. Here’s a few things for all who are new:

  1. When you first start out you’ll want to do what everyone wants to do: Do training to  get stronger or to become rich. Don’t say : “hi” for it really will let people know of your personality! Say a cooler ways to get some ones attention like hey, yo, zup or come up with your own unique sayings.

    2.   The core of fame comes mostly from joining a clan to start off with! Asking around or talking to people who advertise would easily get you in to one! The Grand exchange in Varrock is a very common place to do this.

    3.   When you do join a clan you got to be very active! Get into most of the events that would be planned for each week or month. Talking alot may not be a good way to go with it, yet don’t be to quiet either! Many players that are quiet can easily be under the suspicion of being a bot!

    4.   Making your own clan can be a hassle because you have to get people to join you in making it first, then comes making the website (making a website first should be top priority of any new clans so that people can register to be in the clan), getting funding (donations is very common) and of course: The Advertising!

    5.   If joining a clan just isn’t your thing, then training could net friends easily (or people you know). One other good way (this is for members only though, unless you have your skills at super high levels as a free player) is to post on the forums on various topics! People that have similar or the same interests as you can be found anywhere, so try both ways!

    6.   When you do join and clan, do follow that clan’s guide lines (rules) and don’t ever clan hop unless your clan merges with another clan (clan hoping will make you more enemies then friends)!

    7.   There are also various other methods to get well known (party hats, making clans, etc).

    *If your asking on how can I become a legend in runescape….I don’t know any way how to other then 2 things: 1.) you beat everything in the game and obtain everything in it along with all skills maxed out and loads of money and 2.) Zezima (I never met this guy, but has been rumored and been known as a  legend in runescape)

    8.   Being mature about it, don’t ask to many questions and try to brush up on your runescape lore. Knowing where to go, what to do, where to train, or knowing a lot of good information on money making can easily net you tons of friends.

    9.  Being polite and helping people in their hour of need is a great friend builder. If you see some one at the grand exchange wanting a certain item that you have that you have doubles of or more of, trade with him (jagex has made great improvements on the trading system so don’t expect to get scammed). If you see someone in need of a potion to get by a certain obstacle, offer him one.

  10. The ULTIMATE way to become well known in runescape: Youtube!

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