How to Counter Ahri Mid – League of Legends Strategy Guide

Ahri is an annoying champion, but with these strategies you can counter the overpowered mid Ahri.

Ahri is a very bursty champion, and combined with her rather long range she can be very dangerous. 

But how do you counter her?

Types of Champions that Counter Ahri at Mid

Below are a few types champions that you can use to easily counter Ahri:

Long Range DPS AD Champions 

  • Ashe, Kog’Maw, Tristana, Miss Fortune, Graves, Caitlyn, Corki
  • You want to choose a Champion whose majority damage comes from Auto-Hits. You don’t want any champions that require skill shots; Ahri is very mobile, ESPECIALLY at level 6.
  • Miss Fortune is especially effective due to her Q skill: Double Up. She is able to harass an Ahri who is hiding behind creeps.

Auto-lock Burst Mages

  • Annie
  • You want to choose a Burst Mage that doesn’t rely too much on skill shots. Annie is a perfect choice because she can stun Ahri in place and burst her down.

Long Range Harass Mages

  • Gragas, Lux, Xerath
  • Ahri has a rather long range, so you want to choose a champion that can harass from afar without getting hit by her Orb of Deception.

Techniques to Shut Down Ahri Early

  • Ahri has very little damage early game, and is extremely squishy. Dodge her Orb of Deception and shut her down before level 6 by harassing with auto hits (especially if you are Long Range DPS AD)
  • When Ahri runs after you, do not run back in a straight line. Dodge by moving left or right. Don’t forget that the Orb comes back, too!
  • Ahri’s “Charm” skill can mean death if you get hit by it. Stay behind your minions.
  • You can make an Ahri waste her skills and Mana by running toward her, as if you were going to attack her, and then quickly dodging left or right when she faces you. 
  • If you have a Jungler, ask them to gank Ahri before level 6. Ahri has no mobility apart from her Summoner Spells, so ganking early is perfect. After level 6 it will be much, much harder.

Summoner Spells to Counter Ahri

  •  Ignite is a great way to finish of an Ahri that’s running away. It also reduces her healing amount by 50%.

Shutting Down Ahri Late Game

Most Ahris tend to “wait” before entering the battle due to how squishy they are. At End Game, have your DPS Champions wait in the grass somewhere. When the team fight starts, have everyone fight but save up skills until Ahri appears. When she does, burst her down fast.

Ahri is also a very assassin-like, and chases down champions that are running away. If you find that an Ahri is chasing you and she also has low HP, wait for her to waste her ult chasing after you and then fight her. If you find that Ahri is too close to you, just stay and fight and try to get as much damage on her as you can.

WARNING: Charm is dangerous!

When a team fight is about to start, Ahri’s tend to use their Charm skill to initiate the fight. When you find that an Ahri is running toward a teammate, that’s when you should start the fight. If you see that a teammate got hit with Charm, don’t back off – stay and fight with the rest of your team.

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