How to Counter Jungle Fiddlesticks – League of Legends Strategy Guide

Jungle Fiddlesticks is only hard if you let him roam freely. Stop him from getting kills and use him as your own feeding machine!

How to Counter Jungle Fiddlesticks

Jungle Fiddlesticks is a great jungler due to his amazing sustain. He is able to drain neutral camps and remain at over 80% HP, AND once he reaches level 6 a well-placed ultimate could mean the end for the other team and a free tower.

But have no fear! (haha, pun) countering Jungle Fiddlesticks is easy.

Disrupt Fiddlesticks Jungle EARLY – Take his Blue Buff!

Fiddlesticks is, by far, the most blue buff-reliant jungle champion in the whole game. If Fiddlesticks is denied of his Blue Golem Buff, his Jungle efficiency is decreased significantly. 

At the beginning of the game (or even in the lobby), tell your team to buy their items quickly and rush the other team’s blue base. Make one person buy a ward and make them ward the position in the below picture:

After the Ward is placed, hide in the grass behind the wall. After the announcer says “30 Seconds Until Minions Spawn”, have your tankiest guy charge into the Blue Ward from the top. Odds are, Fiddlesticks will be waiting in the grass where you warded. Once he sees your tank, he’s going to run downwards. Have your team “sandwich” him from the bottom. He should die, and the Golem Camp should have spawned.

Take his blue, and you screwed up his jungle. 

Ward your team’s Blue Buff

Have one of your teammates, or yourself, place a ward at your team’s Blue Golem camp at around the 4:00 minute mark. Fiddlesticks will probably be at your camp trying to take blue buff (if you don’t have a jungler that took it). Tell your team about the ward so they are wary of Fiddlesticks.

Once you see Fiddlesticks at your team’s blue Camp base, have mid charge from the top, and bot charge from the bottom. Sandwich him again and he’ll be dead in an instant.

Once Fiddlesticks hits level 6, Ward the Rivers

At level 6 Fiddlesticks’ crowstorm can really turn the tides of battle. This is why it is essential that your team ward the grass at 5 or 6 minutes. To be safe, ward the grass in the river, and a ward at around the single patch of grass at top, and right in front of dragon. 

Keep note of enemy behavior

As a player you should always keep track of how an enemy moves, and how he/she reacts in different situations. If for some reason the enemy champion is charging at you without being careful of a counterattack, odds are Fiddlesticks just charged up his Crowstorm.

If you see this, run towards River instead of back to your turret (depending on where you are). Fiddlesticks will Ultimate Flash to your previous position, and will probably Flash toward you. Flash back to where you were and run back to turret.


Banshees and Mercury Treads is your best Friend

Like with any burst mage champion, Having Banshees Veil and Mercury Treads is a good idea to counter them. However, with Fiddlesticks, these two items are not only important, but essential to defeating him. Magic Resistance drastically reduces his damage from Crowstorm and drain, Banshees Veil effect wastes at least one skill from fiddlesticks, and Mercury Treads reduces the Fear duration (if Banshees Veil didn’t block it first). Having a 3 second Fear reduced to 2 seconds is SO helpful, especially during team fights.

Focus Fiddlesticks!

Lastly, Fiddlesticks is one of the squishiest champions in the game. Heck, he’s made out of straw for crying out loud. Have your team focus him in team fights, and make sure you ward the grass like crazy. 

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