How to Earn Money Online: Legitimate Opportunities

You can earn extra money online. This article lists five legitimate ways to make money on the web.

There are several ways to earn money online. The ones I am listing below are completely legitimate. I have used them all and have been paid, as promised.

1) Amazon Mechanical Turk

Get paid to take surveys, write articles, edit articles, find email addresses and more.

2) Sell your Wow, Runescape or other MMG account for cash

You can also sell game currency and other game items for real cash.

3) Sell items on eBay

It’s easy and very user-friendly.

4) Sell your used computer for cash

They pay all shipping charges and pay you for the computer.

5) Create logos, business names, slogans, etc to win money

Create unique content and enter contests to win cash.

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