How to Get 99 Fishing

How to get 99 fishing quickly on runescape.(members guide)

Equipment needed

Fishing Rod & Bait & Living Minerals
Fly-Fishing Rod & Feathers
Lobster Cage

1-5 Shrimp
5-10 sardine
10-20 Herring
20-65 Trout/Salmon
65-85 Lobster (optional, you can continue to do Trout/Salmon for faster exp)
85-91 CaveFish (optional, you can continue to do Trout/Salmon for faster exp)
91-99 Rocktails (optional, you can continue to do Trout/Salmon for faster exp)
Doing this it will take 2 weeks – 1 month for 99 Fish if you bot.

Recommended Scripts:
ZombieFisher Extreme till 85 fishing
Bloddy Rock Caverns Fisher till 99 Fishing.

76 Fishing… You are able to Fish Sharks! I do not recommend fishing sharks if you are trying to get a 99 soon.

76-99 Fishing Sharks is 140m+ cash profited.
20-99. 1 week of powerfishing Trout/Salmon.
PowerFish: Getting full inventory then dropping the fish, so you want have to bank.

For decent exp and decent money, fish monkfish at piscatoris fishing colony (small net required).

-For slow experience but big money, fish for sharks in catherby or at the fishing guild.

-Be sure to use a granite lobster pouch while fishing if you summoning level is high enough. if not then use ibis. if you cant use that then use granite crab. they all have invisible (you don’t see it but its there) fishing level boosts so its worth it.

-Don’t take any armor cause you don’t have to worry about being attacked and all it does is slow you down.
Step 2
For levels 1-5, catch shrimp in draynor (small fishing net required).
Step 3
The best way to get through levels 5-20 is bait fishing in draynor (fishing rod and fishing bait required).
Step 4
To complete all the remaining levels 20-99, you’re best off fly fishing in barbarian village or shilo (fly fishing rod and feathers required).


Rocktails and Cavefish are located here.

To avoid getting in combat with the high level living Rocks go to world 84. This is the un-official living rock caverns world.

You need Living minerals which can be bought from g.e or dropped from living rock monsters.


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