How to Get 99 Smithing in F2P (Non-member) RuneScape

Do you long for the day you could finally smelt Runite Bars and earn up to 1k per bar you smelt? Do you just wish to up your smithing level in a nonmember world? Well, read this guide, and you should be set to go.

First, you should know that smithing is closely related to mining. Smithing involves taking ore, smelting it, then smithing it into useful items and armor, such as platebodies and scimitars. Smelting gives much less experience than smithing, and is also much slower. However, smelting can earn you loads of money along the way, where smithing is a guaranteed money-loser.

This is smithing. Now here is a guide of what to do from 1-99:

1-29: Knight’s Sword.

29-39: Anything you can muster

39-50: Steel Bars.

50-99: Steel Bars or Mithril Bars

1-29-Knight’s Sword

This quest can give you a LOT of smithing experience, enough to turn a newbie into a rookie blacksmith. To do the quest, talk to the squire in the White Knights’ Castle in Falador. You can get a guide throughout the quest by using Google, or just follow the storyline through the quest, as it isn’t very hard. However, you do need at least 10 mining and the ability to avoid level 55 Ice Knights. Even level 3’s can do this quest, but just avoiding the knights and bringing lots of food with at least 15 mining level (to make it faster) or bringing a higher level along to help can be of great aid.

Levels 29-30: Anything you can do

Believe it or not, anything will help here. Just get to 30 so you can smelt steel bars. Do iron bars, bronze bars, iron or bronze armor, anything. This will be a pretty short level, so it shouldn’t take you very long.

Levels 30-50: Steel Bars

This is where the money starts rolling in. Buy as many iron ores and coal as you can in a 1:2 ratio–that is, 2 coal for every iron. If you mine your iron and coal, it’ll take much longer but your profit will be maximized. Once you have your iron ore and coal, go to the Al Kharid bank. Take off all your weighted armor and bank it. Now, withdraw a weightless item (such as any amulet). Put your bank “Withdraw-X” setting on 9, simply by pressing “Withdraw-X” on any random item, then using “Deposit-All” to put them back in the bank. Keep the random item that weighs 0kg in your inventory. Now, use the Withdraw-9 option to withdraw 9 iron ores. Use the withdraw-all optino to withdraw 18 coal. You should now have 18 coal, 9 iron ores, and a random item in your inventory. Go north of the bank to the furnace (run), and smelt all the ores into 9 steel bars. Rest when necessary; repeat this process over and over again until you get 50 smithing. (Believe me, any other fast way is a big money-loser.

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