How to Get a Clue Scroll!

How to get a clue scroll? Here is a guide…

How To Get A Clue Scroll ~
(Hellhounds at Taverly)How to get a clue scroll from hellhounds at Taverly.

1.0: {Introduction}
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Hello! And welcome to Zinx’s guide to treasure hunting! Here you will find the basics on where to stand, what to use and how to do clue scrolls. You’ll find a lot of useful information here so read carefully! I’ve made over 10 million coins doing clue scrolls and you can too! Mainly this guide focuses on the Hellhounds found in Taverly dungeon, in my opinion I think that’s the best place for treasure hunting. Aye, so you scurvy lads are ye ready to hunt for some treasure, Arrrggghh! 

2.0: {Requirements}

1st) You must have completed the hero’s guild quest or at least have started it.
2nd) You must have a Dusty Key.
3rd) 60 + Range is highly recommended
4th) Decent type of arrows, preferably steel or higher. 
5ft) You must be able to wield an anti fire shield. 

3.0: {Inventory}

1 Anti fire shield.
1 Anti poison potion. 
1 Dusty key.
1 Set of Teleport runes to Falador.
20 Cakes/Lobsters/Sharks (I prefer cakes) 
2 Open spaces (One for a clue scroll, the other for your arrows) 

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4.0: {Equipment}

Equipment is as follows: 

Full Black/Red dragon hide.
500 + Steel arrows or better.
Archer helmet or coif if possible.
Glory amulet or Power amulet.
A ring of life.
Any type of boots.

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5.0: {How to get to Taverly}

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Note: Before running past the Lesser Demons, you should already equip your anti fire shield, it gives you some extra defense bonus so you won’t get hit by the lesser’s to much. Make sure to keep it on until you equip your bow in the end at the Hellhounds. 

6.0: {Secret hiding spots}
In total, there are 4 – 5 different hiding spots at the Hellhounds. Each of these lets you attack the Hellhound without it hitting you back. These locations are as follow: 
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7.0: {FAQ}

Q.) Why use a ring of life? Doesn’t the ring of wealth improve your chances on getting a clue scroll?

A.) No, the ring of wealth does not improve nor decrease the chances of you getting a clue scroll. The reason the ring of life is recommended is because incase you lag out, those Hellhounds can hit pretty hard. Better to be safe then sorry. 

Q.) Aww poo, I just died with my clue scroll and lost it. Can I get it back?

A.) No, you cannot retrieve a clue after losing it. 

Q.) What else do Hellhounds drop besides clues? 

A.) Nothing, Hellhounds only drop level 3 clues and bones.

Q.) What’s the rarest item you can get from a clue scroll?

A.) God armor or any gilded armor is one of the rarest you can get. 

Q.) I’ve been here forever! When will I get a clue scroll drop?

A.) It’s always random; you might be there for 5 minutes and get a clue scroll. You might be there 5 days until you get a clue scroll. You never know.

Q.) What’s the longest time you’ve been down there?

A.) 4 and a half hours.

Q.) What’s the shortest time you’ve been down there till you got a clue?

A.) 2 minutes.

8.0: {Credits} 

Zinx Maramee – Writing the guide.
Gamersicon – Teaching me how to write one. :wub: 

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