How to Get Free RuneScape Membership

Why bother your parents to buy Runescape membership when you could do it yourself?

1) Go to: click here

2) Watch the money roll in

3) Never ask your parents for membership again

Runescape is an addicting game. And I’m only talking about the free version. If you get membership, you’re going to be hooked for awhile. But getting a runescape membership can be an annoying process. First, you have to ask your parents. Then you have to pester them until they say yes. And of course, you have to convince them that you won’t spend too much time playing (which you will). Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the membership on your own (legally of course)?

Since a 30 day membership costs $7-8 at Target, you save a bit if you buy the 90 day membership ~$22. However, there’s another way to get the Runescape membership. If you buy a $10 Ultimate Gamer Card, then that will give you more than enough for a 30 day membership. I explain how to do that on my site:

It’s pretty simple. Signing up is easy and takes under 30 seconds. After that, you just play games or refer other people and watch the money roll in. You’ll be killing PvP’ing and looting D’Claws in no time.

So let’s do some quick math. Let’s say you have no Runescape membership. If you spend 2-3 days getting an Ultimate Gamer Card, then you now have $10 credit for a Runescape membership. After you get it, you’ll have a little left over to spend next time. And now, since you’ve already joined, it’ll take even less time to get an Ultimate Gamer Card. No longer will you have to bug your parents for membership.

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    Runescape is an really addicting game, so I almost spent all the time on it every day.

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    Nice Share

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    Agreed. I used to go on it nearly every day



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