How to Get Free RuneScape Membership! Two Easy Ways!

In this article I will show you two very easy ways to get runescape membership absolutely free.

Many people enjoy playing the game Runescape, but most people don’t want to shell out five dollars or more each month to be a member. This guide will tell you two easy ways to get free Runescape membership, or pay for any website.

(Notice: For both of these methods you will need a paypal account. Paypal is free and easy to use.)

1. The first way is through This is a good and easy website to use. After taking one survey, they will send a dollar to your paypal account. I know there may be some higher paying sights out there, but this one is quick and easy, and there is no minimum withdrawl amount, so you don’t need to make fifty dollars before you receive your money. I easily pay for my membership using this method while I fish, I leave my character in the game to fish and I fill out a survey. Every once in awhile I check on my character, but this is an easy method to do.

2. Another great way for a free membership is signing up for Triond is a great website, you just have to write stories, and as you get more views, you get more income. Once again, this is a very easy website, and it pays directly to your paypal, if you continuously write good articles you will be making easy money in no time.

These are two very good, fool-proof ways to get a free runescape membership without cheating or being at risk of getting banned. Good luck and I hope I was able to help you somewhat.

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