How to Get Level 99 Alteration in Skyrim – Easy! Less Than 10 Minutes!

A Skyrim technique that can get you to level 99 alteration in less than 10 minutes.

Getting level 99 Alteration is Easy!

Note: This video was not created by me. Video by RlCORODRIGUEZ.

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Alteration is a great skill that allows you to manipulate objects around you. It’s very helpful for surviving in battle. You can increase your attack or defense, cast spells like telekinesis, paralyze other NPCS, etc. 
Thankfully, there is a very easy way to level up Alteration without having to rely on constant skill spamming. The best part: It only takes 10 minutes if you do it right!

Instructions to Get Level 99 Alteration

  1. Get the Telekinesis Spell. You can buy this spell at Tolfdir once your Alteration skill is level 50. You can also find it on a table in Labyrinthian while doing the Staff of Magnus quest, or at Wylandriah in Mistveil Keep.
  2. Drop an item that can be picked up via Telekinesis (in the video the item is Black Mage Robes).
  3. Cast Telekinesis on the item and use all of your Magicka. 
  4. Randomly cast Telekinesis in the middle of your magic regeneration, and keep moving. If done correctly, your Magicka will be depleted BUT you will still be casting the Telekinesis Spell.
  5. Run around for ten minutes. You should be able to reach level 99 Alteration in that length of time.

Now that you have level 100 Alteration (or 99 depending on how far you go), you are now a high enough level to get the best Alteration skills you want! You can cast level 100 master spells like “Mass Paralysis” and “Dragonhide”, or even Expert spells like: “Detect Dead”, “Ebony Flesh”, and “Detect Dead”. Whatever the case, now you have the power. Use it, Dragonborn!

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