How to Get LSP Quickly in RuneScape

Some good ways to get LSP.

Hello, and I’m going to tell you some ways to get LSP in runescape. LSP, lootshare potential, increases the chances of you getting drops when lsing with people. LSP works like this. You start with no LSP, so you rarely get drops when killing bosses. If you duo a boss with someone and get a drop, you get 50M LSP, increasing your chance of getting drops, if you have more LSP than other people in your team. If your with 4 people and get a 100M split, you get 25M LSP. If you got 3 people, you get 33.33333M lsp from a 100M drop, and so forth.

So lets say someone has 300M LSP. They would be getting lots of drops. If there was a 150M drop, their LSP would be reduced to 150M, 150M taken away because that’s how much the drop was worth. People often get lots and lots of LSP so when they kill bosses in masses, their chances of getting the expensive drop is increased. So, without further delay, let’s move onto some ways to get LSP!

If you’re starting on low LSP, massing GWD bosses or corp can be a great way to get LSP. When you get more LSP, triong armadyl is another great way for LSP, or tormented demons. When you get to very high lsp, be careful on what you do, because getting a drop can ruin your lsp drastically. When you feel that you have enough LSP for whatever you intend on doing, (usually people get high LSP for nex and corp) start doing them!

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