How to Get Your RuneScape Account Unbanned Everytime!!

Getting a permanently banned account unbanned is not a difficult process. You just need to know the right things to say, and how to say them.

In all honesty, it is not very difficult to get your Runescape account unbanned.  

This is a guide on how to get your Runescape account unbanned if you have already used up all of your appeals.  

You need to email the account:

They will read your email that you send them within about 3 days-2 weeks.  It depends on the length of the article, and they will read your email in order that they receive it so their it is not unfair.  Your email to them should look like the following:

Dear Jagex Moderator,

I understand the rules of botting, and I am absolutely positive that my child has not done it.  I have paid extremely close attention to his browsing websites over the last few weeks that you claim he has been botting.  I am not a Runescape player, but I have read enough to understand the rules and guidelines.  I am positive my child has not done anything you have claimed he has done wrong.  My child has been facing depression issues lately and I would like to state that it is unfair that you have banned him for reasons that are not correct.  Him and I have talked, and we feel that it would be more fair if you just gave him a temporary ban or muted him, but not full-time banned him for something he has not done.

If you could just consider this as a possible mistake on Jagex’s part, it would be great.  He has said that his account was stolen during the time of the bans.  He played it for about  one and a half days until it suddenly logged him out and said account disabled.  He researched on what it was and was furious.  Apparently while his account was stolen, somebody had gotten him many report abuses’s for botting.  He came to me about it saying that it was unfair and it wasn’t even his fault, and how he was going to quit studying hard in school if he no longer had his hard-worked account.  Since then, his body language has changed, and I felt I had to take some sort of action.

Please consider that this was a mistake.  He worked hard on that account and took lots of time to level it.  His body language has tried, and I feel that this is my last choice.  


Thank you Jagex.


(Your parents name, or a random name), A concerned parent.

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