How to Level Up Super Fast in RuneScape: Level Three

Level Up fast!

Wondering why some level 5 have 15 hitpoints or something like that? Well I’m gona teach you, how to do those things.

   1. Create a Runescape account because it is important.  You can’t play as a guest in Runescape.

   2. After you created a Runescape account for free, you may now choose which class you want, either a Warrior, Mage or an Archer.

 -Warrior wearing Rune (t)

You can only wear rune armour when you have finished Dragon Slayer and have a level 40 defence.



The clothes she’s wearing is only available for members. If you want to subscribe for membership it only cost 7$

3. Now go to lumbridge, go to the small house near the general store in Runescape.

 -Go to Number 5

When you get there go inside then go down the ladder. You will noticed that a White knight is there, go talk to him then claim the old lamps from him. Choose whatever status you like to level up for example you chose Hitpoints then your a level 3. You will noticed that your combat level will advance. Your gona be like a level 5 or 6 something.

4. Now go to Edgeville.

Then go to the Jail Entrance

When your inside of it. Talk to the guard and he will teach you on how to use the abuse button, he will let you go upstairs if you follow all of his instructions. When you get upstairs talk to the professor.

 If you talked to the professor, he will give you a test. If you passed the test you will get a reward which is a two red lamps and a new emote which is the Safety First.

 Again when you have receive the lamps choose a stat that you would like to level up. Lamp gives only experience, they do not level up your status unless you have a low stat. For example you have a level two strength then you used the lamp. Your strength level will increase then. You cannot store Lamps in your bank, once you got one use them already.

It is easy to level up if your combat level is 30 and under. Just train on cows or chickens.

If you are not satisfied training on cows I suggest you go train in the Stronghold. It is located in the Barbarian Village.

The Stronghold is located on the mining site in the Barbarian Village. Just climb-down the entrance then your already inside of it. Don’t forget to bring food with you because it is really important.

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