How to Make Easy Money in RuneScape and Earn Real Money as Well

A guide to making millions in runescape without spending days leveling up. Also how one can use his runescape gp to earn real money doing simple buying/selling.

A lot of you must be wondering how players with a very low combat/skill level have millions in their bank accounts.

You dont necessarily have to be a member to be earning in millions. Right after the February 11, 2011 update, jagex removed the trade limit for both f2p and member worlds. Just days after that players started using autobots (these are programs which are automated to click and bank; these can be used to skill without having to monotously click and bank or without any manual requirement) to skill and bank items which they can later sell for millions in the grand exchange. Also, people started developing their own websites for buying and selling of gp, using bots to promote these as well. This is known as real world trading. The sole purpose of the trade limit was to eliminate this but after the removal of the trade limit bots are continually flooding servers. They an be seen at woodcutting sites (mainly yews), at coal mines (dwarven mine, guild etc.), fishing spots or at densely populated areas (grand exchange) promoting their websites using autotalk. Moreover, jagex is having a hard time to distinguish between the bots and rarely any bots are banned or rolled back (skill levels rolled back). It is pretty easy to use a botting program to train a player to a skill lvl of 99. I have seen alot of bots having a woodcutting lvl of 99. Of course mining is a lot harder to train and getting 99 mining is tough.

So to get you started all you need to do is get yourselves a botting program:

* you can get one at or simply by searching ‘rs bots’ on google and surfing a bit. It is preferable that you use a new account for botting. Rarely though if your account is banned for botting it will not be your main one. You can always make a new one if your bot account is banned/locked etc.

*Simply start your bot and keep your laptop/computer on for 3-4 hours. it is advisable to give breaks in between because if your bot is stuck in a random event it is likely to be suspected by jagex for botting or otherwise put on a timer of about 5 hours at night and go off to sleep. Most bot programs have timers which you can conveniently change.

* set your bot to a place where he can level upto 60.(mining and woodcutting). After 60 you will be able to enter the mining guild or cut yews which sell for almost 400 gp each.

*You can easily level upto 60 in a week or two weeks time. After that you can set your bot to train and bank the necessary items. Coal for mining and yew logs for woodcutting are preferred. each coal sells for about 260gp and yew for almost 400gp.

* After your bot has gained enough levels to start getting yews or coal it will take about a weeks time for it to collect stock which can sell for 5M – 10M. It is preferable to transfer the stock to your main account every morning.

*If you dont have a paypal/alertpay account. (paypal is more commonly used), make one as this will be used to buy and sell gp.

* After you have enough millions in your bank you can sell it on gp trading websites such as etc. searching ‘rs gp sell’ on google will give you a list. Alternatively, you can register on the powerbot forum and sell to people at higher prices. Currently the range is about 0.6$ – 1$/1M. Be careful and choose people who have gained enough vouches and are trustable to trade with. I have been scammed once too.

* Selling at higher prices and buying at lower will earn you easy profits with simple buying and selling. If you cant get people you can buy from at your required price you can continue botting and selling to earn.

Just follow these steps and you are good to go. :D

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