How to Make Millions on Battlescape!!!

Link for the server is

Today,i will be showing you how to make millions in battlescape server ( ))

First all you need is 5mill+,dds,whip or chaotic maul and your ready,You then go to duel arena.Once you are at the duel arena put your attacking style into block so that u win most of the time,then duel someone.Dds the person 4 times then use whip/chaotic maul to own them,i prefer chaotic maul best for winning.

Chaotic maul can be earned by the rewards which is 200,000 points at dungeoneering.Good luck on this fast,best money making way.As i have earned 130mill starting with only 4mill :)

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  1. bob
    Posted October 23, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Your great idea is staking. oh im sure no one has heard of this top secret method..

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