How to Make Your First 1Mil Gp on RuneScape

If you’re one of the poor blokes on Runescape, then follow this guide so you can make your first million!

Making Millions of GP on Runescape Is Easy Once you Get the Hang of it

If I were to try to make millions of GP on Runescape 5 years ago, it would literally take me months. But nowadays with the Grand Exchange and new skills, making GP is SO EASY! Below is the techniques people use to make their first million – and they actually work!

The Basis of All Money Making: Skills

If there’s one thing I learned about Runescape, is that you need to work your ass off, especially when you don’t have any money to begin with. There are three skills every beginner should focus on, and thats Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting.

1. Fishing – Get some lobbies and sell em’

Fishing for food is a great way to make some cash. A lot of Runescape players are brutal warriors who make money from killing people in the wilderness and other combat-related events. They don’t have any skill to make their own food, so they buy it off the market, and most don’t even consider the prices! You can use their ignorance to your advantage.

Start by fishing for Shrimp, and build your way up. Sell EVERYTHING you make, and once you hit lobsters you can sell those babies for a ton of cash. Make sure you sell for 1 GP above the market price since you have all the time in the world anyway.

2. Mining – Armor and stuff

Mining is another effective technique, and is very, very profitable. Once you start mining enough materials, make sure you smith them. Mining and Smith work together hand-in-hand.

Currently, the hottest thing and easiest thing to get on the market are Steel Bars. These things sell for 800GP each, and it doesn’t take long AT ALL to make. Get 1 Iron Ore, 2 Coals and you’ll have almost 1k!

3. Woodcutting – Choppin’ to millions

Woodcutting is a great technique for those that don’t have a lot of time on their hands. Chop trees, bank them, and when you get to willows and yews you can sell the logs for 200GP each! 

Good luck! =)

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