How to Max Out Skills in RuneScape

You can get to any level for any combat skill in Runescape by using this technique.

This article will be organized in steps. What you need is a computer, a Runescape account, the weapons you need to train the skill, and a weight.


  1. Go to Lumbridge
  2. Go to the building with all the dummies 
  3. Attack it anyway you want, as long as it trains the desired skill
  4. To avoid being kicked for inactivity, put a weight on the left or right keyboard buttons
  5. Your screen should revolve around your character while he/she attacks the dummy
  6. Now you wait. Open a new tab, or leave your computer to do something else
  7. When you come back, you should have leveled up sufficiently, depending on how long you wait

You can wait for very long periods of time, because you can still use your computer if you open another tab. If it is plugged into the wall, you can even leave it on over night!

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