How to Merch in RuneScape

This guide will explain what merching is and how you can profit from it.

Yet another question I get asked fairly often, is: What’s merching?… In this article, I’ll explain what merching is and teach you how to do it and not lose all your money in the process. There are two different kinds of merching, solo merching and clan merching, as well as “flipping” which I’ll explain as well. 

How Merching Works

The way that the G.E. works is depending on what price something is selling at, the price changes accordingly. If most people are buying at low, the price drops at the next update. If most are buying a medium, then it won’t change or change very little. If most are buying at high, however, the price will go up. The way you merch, either solo or with a clan, is to keep pushing the price up. The higher it goes, the less people will be able to buy, which makes the demand rise and when it’s dumped, there are many, many people that will buy for low price. This also forces people to pay high price for the item, more often than not. Merch clans do this by enlisting hundreds or thousands of people to help raise the price dramatically. Solo merchers do this by buying an insane amount of one item for high price over the course of a few weeks.

Clan Merching

Clan merching is tricky to most people. They join a merch clan, such as wefightge, mass profit, or cash cream, do what they’re told… And lose millions… Yes, if you join these clans and do what you’re told, you will lose most of your money that you invested. What’s almost worst is that the items that you did invest in, will be sitting in your bank for days or even weeks, because hundreds or thousands of people just dumped them with you.

I’ll explain this with an example. Let’s say you join my merch clan. The name of my clan is Irit Seed, 1k. What that means is the item that I’m merching is irit seeds and 1k is the dump price. The dump price is the price at which you will sell all that you have for the lowest offer. Let’s say that the price of irit seeds are at 333 gp to start with. Now, let’s assume that you and I both buy 10 million gp worth of each. At the end of the merch, I will get 20 million back (10 million gp profit) and you’ll get 5 million back (a lose of 5 million gp.) The way this works is that I’m a “rank.” That means that I know what the “real” sell price is. I’m going to tell all my friends or ranks to sell at 666 gp and not 1k. The trick is that there are still 100s of other players buying as many as they can on high, trying to push up the price. So, my friends and I sell at high and guess who we sell to… You and everyone else who’s buying at high to push up the price. That’s right, we sell ours to you… Once they reach 1k, everyone that bought them for merching will sell all theirs at lowest price. A lucky few, very few, will actually sell them and make a great profit. Unfortunately, most will not be able to sell their seeds, because before they have time to get at the top of the queue to sell them, the G.E. updates and the queue resets. You’ll probably hang on to those seeds, until they fall well below the starting price. 

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  1. Fanny-Packer
    Posted January 11, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    This isn’t telling us how to merch. It’s more less telling us what it is.. and giving us some tips. Not a very useful guide, imo.

  2. Posted September 3, 2010 at 12:21 am

    not a bad guide….the merch clans make me mad >:(

  3. Posted April 23, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    in other words” if ur not ranked in a merch clan” u will be scammed ;)
    only the leaders and hes friends get Profit.
    they Fooling u.

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