How to Not Get Banned Botting

How to not get banned.

I know that there are a quite a few threads out here that tell people how ‘not to get banned’. I think this is a good thing, but from what I see and know about the interwebs, everybody is forgetting a thing.
What I want to tell you guys has to do with HTTP Referers.
I don’t know whether you know what they are or not, so I will explain them right now:

I bet that you’ve stumbled upon a site that welcomed you with something like: “Welcome, Google user!”. Have you ever wondered how the site knew that you came from Google? Well, it is really easy. The site you visited checked from which site you came. How did it do that? Using HTTP Referers!
Can you understand where this is going? Everytime you visit a site, that site could use a script to find out what browser you’re running, what your last visited site was and even which system you’re running (Apple, Windows XP/Vista, etc, etc.)!

So basically, when you visit, Jagex can see the site where you came from. Don’t you think that it is a bit suspicious if you came from a botting site like or

The fact is, they DO check this. Therefor, I can give you only once new advice.


I can hear you ask: how do you avoid this?
That is really easy! All you have to do is open a new tab and visit RuneScape in the new tab! You can also go to google first and then to RuneScape.

So, short and sweet:


With this information, I hope that I will have helped quite a few people to NOT get banned.

Best Regards;

DarkSadye, which happens to be my new online AlterEgo.

EDIT: Since certain people don’t see why this might help you, I will explain it. No, Jagex won’t ban you for being ON a botting site, but, whoever has read the whole text will understand that they’ll keep an eye out for you, because they KNOW that you atleast had the intentions to bot.

Please say: “I support”, if you support RSBot in their crusade against getting banned.

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