How to Organize Your Runescape Bank

Is your bank a mess? Can’t find certain items? Tired of your old arrangement? Then this guide is definitely for you.

My Pure’s Bank



Pu123 Rang3’s Bank

Note: I know I’m not rich or anything, it’s more of an example for good habits. Also, this is on my pure, so there are pure-like items (iron armor, other armor requiring one defence, and other range/r2h pure items) I also was in the process of making money for more pking since I accidentally lagged and died.

Notice that my bank is somewhat separated in two halves, vertically. I used to have my bank horizontally, but this is much more pleasing to the eye and it’s easier to find stuff.

The bank is separated in two halves, vertically (so there is four slots in each row of each side).

Now, I will identify the parts of the bank. In half 1, row 1, I placed commonly used, “general store”-type (although I have brass keys and willows, these would still be that type of item) items. Next, I placed all my arrows starting from bronze going up to adamant, IN ORDER. This lets you find certain arrows easier.

Right next to that, I placed my other ranging equipment, my bows and d’hide. Next two rows, I placed my fishing equipment and food. It’s always nice to have the fishing equipment, even if you think you won’t fish often, because you never know when you might need it next. Next row, I have my strength potions in order of amount in the vials. Next, I have my empty vials (you never know when you’ll need these, if you’re a member) that I picked up going back and forth to the BH bank (you’ll find heaps of these lying around there).

Next, I have my amulets in order of level required to craft them. Next to that, I have an air tiara and chefs’ hats. (I will talk about these later.)

Now, I’ll talk about half 2 (the right side of the bank). You’ll have to scroll up to view these again, sorry. I placed my runes up there, but not randomly. Notice that in the first row I placed the four elemental runes, then the four f2p runes that you use with elemental runes, and I also have laws and nats in the next row (I know I’m missing cosmics but I never use those on my pure). Next, I have placed rune essence (for air-running) and some elemental staves. These all relate to the skill of Magic, so they should be sorted together. Runes are used frequently, so I placed them in this half and row (you could place them somewhere else if you want). After that, I have placed my armor. Next, I placed my melee weapons (I only mainly use three of them).

On the bottom of half 2, I placed my team-capes. I have 105 of the team-3 cape (the pink one) because that is the cape frequently used in the clan I am in.


  • Try to have at least 1 of each item in your bank. That way, you can easily take items out and deposit them back in without having to rearrange them. If, however, you only have one of an item (like my rune 2h or rune scimitar), you should take it out and put something else in it, which I call a “placeholder.” This is how you would do that:

In this example, I used the chef’s hats as a place holder. I took out the rune scim, then I put the chef’s hats back in.

After you finish using whatever you took out, put the placeholder back to its original position and place what you took out back.

If you do this, you won’t have to keep re-organizing your bank.

  • When using this type of bank style, you should always have your rearrange mode set to “Swap.” If you had it at “insert,” then the whole bank would be messed up since there are two halves.
  • To start to organize it like this, remember to have the mode on swap and organize it like you would your inventory

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a pleasing, easy to take items out of, well-organized bank.

Thank you for reading.

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  2. Unknown xD
    Posted September 27, 2008 at 10:13 am

    W00t xD
    I dunno how to get ur bank like that … but ill try it after i deposited my lob’s

  3. Cod
    Posted December 9, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Sorry guys, but this article is out-dated now. The new banks have tabs so you can organize it like that.

    I suggest you put a symbol of each category (e.g. a rune for magic tab) of the tabs.

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