How to Pk in RuneScape

A guide to pking in runescape.


There are two different worlds that you can PK on (Player Kill), Bounty worlds, or PVP worlds.

There are three bounty worlds for F2P, World 57 and 136 are normal bounty worlds and world 32

is a bounty+1 item world.

There are also two PVP worlds for F2P, world 21, and world 17.


Bounty worlds are what I prefer to pk in because of their large drops.

With bounty worlds, you only have access to edgeville, GE, and the entire Wild.

Any place on the south side of the wild ditch is called a safe zone (you cannot be attacked there.)

There are a few places in the wild that are used for safe zones (Stealing Creation, Old Bh bank,

Fist of Guthix, Clan wars, and a few more). Some of the wild is multi-combat area meaning that

more than one player can attack you at one time. Most players avoid multi-combat areas because

of large clans that PK there. Clans usually consist of 5-30 people that can kill you almost instantly.

The point of a bounty world is to obtain targets. It takes one full hour of being in the wild to get a target.

Targets are almost always the same combat level as you are. Targets give a bonus 25 ep to your drop.

EP is estimated potential, it is what effects if you have a 20k loot, or a 500k loot. Every Pker wants to get

corrupt dragon items in their loot. These items are occasionally dropped in a loot. They are worth from 300k-

4m. There is also another kind of bounty world called bounty +1 item worlds. This means that on death,

you keep your most valuable item. Many people prefer not to go on this world due to 1+itemers.

1 itemers usually have only a rune scimmy or a rune 2h in their inventory and/or equiped.


PVP worlds are somewhat less popular. PVP worlds are worlds that any player can attack you all

throughout runescape with the exception of the safe areas.

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    How to Pk in RuneScape

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