How to Play RuneScape at School

This Guide Will Tell You How To Play Runescape At School!!

Do you get annoyed when you go on Runescape it saids BLOCKED SITE? Well I have a solution to that. Your School might be using a firewall to block those pages so simply all you have to do is un block them. If that doesn’t work i sugest you use proxies. Proxies can be used to get into BLOCKED SITES unless the proxy is blocked then it won’t work. But there are new proxies everyday so you don’t need to worry!!

Here are some proxies for you to try:

They are quite new so they should work. When they get blocked go online and search for proxies there are heaps of proxies!!

I wish you luck in playing Runescape AT SCHOOL!!

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    lol, um i h8 to break it, but the game doesnt load :P honestly thoguh this review sucks

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