How to Raise Crafting Level and Make a LOT of Money in the Process

How to raise your crafting level in RuneScape and make a lot of GP along the way. although this may not be the fastest way ever to raise your level (but it is pretty fast).

If you want to train your crafting level from scratch, a good place to do that would be in the cow fields near the gnome copters. You kill the cows outside the gnome copter area, pick up the cowhides that are dropped (ignore the meat but take the bones and burry them as you go if you want to raise your prayer too) and once you have a full inventory of cowhides, go to the copters and you will find a deposit box, deposit your cowhides and then repeat for as many times as you can till you get bored! Then you simply go to Alkharid to tan your hides so you can use them to craft and make them into items such as boots and leather chaps. (It may be an idea to complete the “Prince Ali Rescue before hand as this will give you easy access to the Alkharid kingdom).

That was how to raise your Crafting level if you were starting from scratch, if however you already have some crafting experience/knowledge, it might be a good idea to take another of the many crafting routes – maybe the jewelry route. (For this it is highly recommended that you have a Smithing and Mining level of around 40 as it will save you a lot of money smelting and gathering your own gold/silver rather than having to buy it). To get your gold or silver bars, north Alkharid is probably the best place to mine to get either gold or silver ore, or if it is too busy or you only require gold – Falador mine is often more convenient and less busy, although bare in mind there is no silver ore in Falador. Another place rich in both gold and silver ore is the crafting guild where both can be found at decent spawn rates (as long as you can get in). Go to the grand exchange to get your moulds, store them in your bank and go mining, once you have your ores, go smelt them, and make your jewelry.

Another method of crafting is pottery. For pottery you should get clay from the Falador mine. Store in the bank closest to the mine, and repeat, make sure you have at least 100 clay before going on to the next step. You need to get yourself a bucket and once you have that the crafting can begin. Get a bucket in your inventory, and fill the rest of your inventory with clay. Go to the fountain outside of the Falador mine. Fill your bucket with water, and use it on one of your UN operated clays. Repeat this step, it”s painfully slow, but it’s worth the crafting experience points. After you have softened your clays, bring them to barbarian village and spin them on the wheel. Then use them in the furnace. After you’re done with that, bring them to closest bank (the big one in west Varrock,) and repeat.

String for your jewelry. Shear sheep with shears (obtained from general store) and do this till you have a full inventory. Use your balls of wool on the table on the second floor of Lumbridge castle and you should get thread from that, use your thread on symbols, or amulets, and you will receive fast crafting experience.

All of the above mentioned items can be sold for healthy profit at the grand exchange or to people plying the game, through crafting there is a lot of money to be made, it just takes the patience to get your player started but from there it gets much easier. Once you are a high enough level to enter the crafting guild, you will find lots of fast respawning rocks (especially the gold) which can then me sold as ores, smelted into bars and sold, or even smelted then crafted AND THEN sold!

Good luck.

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