How to Train Your Range in RuneScape (Non Members)

This is an article for the best ways to train range.

If you are a non member and tired of having a low range stat, you’ve come to the right place. This guide should help you get to your disired level in a short amount of time. Range is the stat which allows a player to attack an NPC (non playing character) or another player from a distance. To do this particular skill, you will need a bow of some sort and arrows. When beginning, I suggest you use a normal bow and iron arrows. You shouldn’t have to worry about armour until you head up higher.

When you start off, I suggest you start at the cows or chickens. Cows can be found in that enclose cow field near Alkarid once you past the bridge, or the cows near the crafting guild (west of falador.) Chickens can be found up the road from the cabbage patch in Draynor or past the sheep in Lumbridge. If you’ve a low defense level, I suggest you range from behind the gates where the NPCs cannot attack you. Keep on doing this until you’ve reached about level 20 range.

Now I suggest you head over to the first level of strong hold at the goblins. Run around the barrier and then start ranging from their. Goblins can drop anything from bones and coins to bronze arrows. If you would like to, pick up the bronze arrows save them for later or use them now. Keep ranging at these goblins until about level 40 where can head into the second room directly north from the current room. You should see minotaurs (level 10). Fight these guys until about level 50-60. Minotaurs drop bones, coins, rune essence, tin ores, copper ores and iron arrows. I suggest you pick up the iron arrows and use them in your training.

The next monsters/ NPCs you can attack are Hobgoblins. Hobgoblins are low leveled but hit frequently and may be a pain to handle. I suggest you head over to the cows next to the crafting guild. Walk in and close the gate. Walk as far west as you can till you reach the water side and from there, attack the goblins on the other island. If you want to make a little bit of money to pay for you range training, I suggest you get 33 mage and get about 30 law runes and air runes. Hobgoblin will drop anything from bones to goblin mails to limproots. I suggest you pickup the limproots and hold on to them. They sell for anything from 1k-2k and sometimes possibly more. I suggest you train on these NPCs until about level 75-80.

At about level 75, you can head over to lesser demon on Karumja Island. Train on these for about up to level 90 or so. Lesser demons can drop coins, ashes, runes, rune med-helms and other items. Go in the safe zone at the back where the lesser demons cant attack you and range at them from there. you could train on these till level 99 or you could head over to bounty hunter in the wilderness. The bank is very close if you need any food and you can just stand behind the tiny rocks on the ground where the greater demons cannot attack you. Lesser demons are our next victims but are “okay” training. They drop similar items to the lesser demons but may be a bit harder to defeat.

Now you should have reached your goal and if not, feel free to question me in comment section below. If you feel that my methods do not work, you could always become a member which would make it about ten times easier to level.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

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