Is Rs Buddy Safe?

Is RS Buddy Safe? Will it steal my account?

Many questions follow the new bot by Arbiter and many professional java coders that have left Powerbot. Is RS Buddy safe? The short answer: YES. RS Buddy is safe, at the moment.  

How do I know?

1.       1. Arbiter has no reason to want to hack accounts, RS buddy’s user numbers have been steadily climbing as Powerbot crumbles. Eventually there will be a paid section for bots.

2.       2. The bot works. The scripts are flawless. There is even the best Dungoneering bot, and, everything is FREE (April 2, 2011).

3.       3.There have been no real reports of users being hacked by RS Buddy.

4.       4.All the people that claim that RS Buddy is bad are all influenced by Paris’s lies.

Of course, there is concern that there may suddenly be a mass hacking. Just to be safe, treat RS Buddy like all bots. Don’t put your account information in it. Log in manually, and then enter a fake username into RS buddy. This bot is safe, but there may be an unlikely time when RS Buddy may be hacked.

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