Kingdoms at War (iPhone) Guide/ Tips

Kingdoms of war is a role playing game for the iPhone. It is unique in play style and a great game once you learn the basics. I will teach you some helpful hints to get you off to a good start and defending your kingdom from invaders!

Quests – This game has quests but no energy to do them like most games. Instead, you have your soldiers that you will use. They will die as you use them and you will have to wait for them to replenish. You can build more offensive buildings, rather than defensive, if you are impatient and wanting to quest faster. I have found that the easiest way to not fail all the time is increase your units and the strength of them as needed. You should also wait until your units are at the max so you are attempting the quest with as much strength as possible.

Money/Allies/Bank – I put these three things in the same category because they are done together. You will notice very quickly that there is no property that will provide income and no place to store your gold and keep it safe from attacks. The easiest way to make money and store it is through allies. You will pay a price to hire an ally. When someone hires them away from you, you will be refunded you original money plus a little extra! As long as you keep hiring useful allies (they must add a bonus otherwise others won’t hire them from you), you will making money and keep your money well protected!

Battle – In this game, you can battle in two ways. The first is to spy and the second is to attack. I always recommend scouting an enemy first because it will let you know how many of each building they have. This is important because you can figure out if they have a heavy defense and roughly how many troops they have. If they look safe, I recommend trying to steal money. If that is successful, I recommend doing an all out attack! You can visit the marketplace to buy one time use add-ons if you are having trouble winning battles.

Clans – This goes without saying but joining a clan is vital to success. They will help with bullies and teach you the ropes to advancing faster in the game. Plus, the clan wars are fun!

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