Less Players on RuneScape (EOC Update)

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After a series of updates, there are players quitting Runescape and new players entering, and this is considered to be ordinary. But for the Evolution of Combat, it was much more different. The Evolution of Combat update had a massive impact on the popularity of the players, with a significant amount decreasing everyday. There have been a lot of negative responses about the update and people are starting to realise that it is true. Ex-Runescape players have ranted about the alternation of the combat system. They state that the Runescape combat system has many similarities with the game World of warcraft. Today, there are only about 80k players, including bots. Before, there were 150k+ until this update was implemented. So Jagex is in a dilemma. Should they abandon the Evolution of combat to bring back the old servers, or should they let it remain there since they invested over millions of dollars on that update? 

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    I find Jagex pretty stupid. I’m not saying that to hate, but the fact that they keep investing in lame and stupid project keeps anoying me. They were able to bring Runescape to a total new and another level. Make new pieces of the map. Create a whole new Map, Discover new worlds, but no, they keep stuck in their old ways. They think they are creative, but fact remains, they do now show it.

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